Adjectives Play for free
Adjectives 2 Play for free
Adverbs Play for free
Adverbs 2 Preview
Alliteration Preview
Alphabetising Preview
Antonyms Preview
Apostrophes to Mark Omission Preview
Apostrophes to Mark Possession Preview
Asking Questions Preview
Capital Letters Preview
Capital Letters 2 Preview
Clauses and Phrases Preview
Commas Preview
Commas 2 Preview
Complex Sentences Preview
Compound Words Preview
Comprehension Preview
Comprehension 2 Preview
Comprehension 3 Preview
Connectives / Conjunctions Preview
Connectives / Conjunctions 2 Preview
Direct Speech Preview
Fact and Opinion Preview
First, Second and Third Person Preview
Improving Vocabulary Preview
Improving Vocabulary 2 Preview
Improving Vocabulary 3 Preview
Indirect Speech Preview
Metaphors Preview
Negatives Preview
Nouns Preview
Nouns 2 Preview
Onomatopoeia Preview
Paragraphing Preview
Prefixes Preview
Prepositions Preview
Pronouns Preview
Punctuation Preview
Rhyme Preview
Sentence Openers Preview
Similes Preview
Spelling: -igh Preview
Spelling: -le Preview
Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Preview
Spelling: -ough Preview
Spelling: Double Consonants Preview
Spelling: Graphemes Preview
Spelling: ie or ei? Preview
Spelling: Phonemes Preview
Spelling: Plurals Preview
Spelling: Plurals 2 Preview
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels Preview
Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 2 Preview
Spelling: w and wh Preview
Spelling: y and i Preview
Standard English Preview
Statement, Question or Command? Preview
Subject / Verb Agreement Preview
Suffixes Preview
Syllables Preview
Synonyms Preview
Text Features Preview
Their, They're and There Preview
Verbs Preview
Verbs 2 Preview
Writing Explanations Preview
Writing Instructions Preview
Writing Letters Preview
Writing Narrative Preview
Writing Persuasively Preview
Writing Playscripts Preview
Writing Recounts Preview
Writing Reports Preview
Your and You're Preview
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Education-Quizzes-Alphabet-BlocksLearning 11-Plus English

This page contains a full suite of 11-Plus English quizzes that provide enjoyable revision and testing.

If you like English and want to improve the way you write and communicate then this is a great place to be! Here you can revise spelling, similes, rhymes and even onomatopoeia.

Reading and writing are crucial skills particularly if you are a budding author or poet but whatever you choose do in life a good command of the English language will be invaluable to you.

For eleven plus you will need to know about direct and indirect speech - do you know the difference?

Author: Frank Evans

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Jacqui Paterson
"Each click immediately reveals if your answer is right, and corrects you if it isn’t, so children are either getting that instant validation, or continual reinforcement of the right information (I tried one, by the way, and it was really quite fun"
Jacqui Paterson, London

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