3-D Shapes and Algebra Read
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Read
Addition and Subtraction Read
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplying and Dividing Negative Numbers Read
Approximation of Practical Measurements Read
Area & Perimeter of Circles and Solving Number Puzzles Read
Area of Rectilinear and Curved Shapes Read
Bar Charts and Pie Charts Read
Co-ordinates and Translations Read
Conversion of Units Read
Different Terms for Add / Divide / Multiply / Subtract Read
Division of Fractions and Whole Numbers Read
Estimation and Price Value Read
Finding Missing Angles in Shapes and Finding Angles Outside of Shapes Read
Fractions of Amounts and Understanding Percentages Read
Imperial Units and Perimeter of Straight-line Shapes Read
Line Graphs and Tally Charts Read
Maths Logic Problems Read
Median and Mean Read
Mixed Numbers, Simplification of Fractions and Improper Fractions Read
Multiplication - Long Multiplication and the Grid Method Read
Multiplication and Division by 10, 100 etc & Adding and Subtracting Decimals Read
Multiplication and Division of Decimals Read
Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers Read
Order in Sums - BIDMAS Read
Percentages of Amounts and Converting Fractions to Decimals & Percentages Read
Prime Numbers and Using Brackets in Sums Read
Probability Read
Proportion and Ratio Read
Range and Mode Read
Reflections and Rotation Read
Rotational Symmetry Read
Rounding Up and Down Read
Short and Long Division Read
Square Numbers and Square Roots Read
Tips on Times Tables and Finding Factors Read
Word Problems and Finding Numbers Halfway Between Two Others Read


This page contains a full suite of 11+ exam illustrations that provide enjoyable revision and testing.

Maths is not just about numbers. Shapes, graphs, coordinates and even logic problems come under the Maths umbrella. Then there are measures, fractions, and place values! To get a firm understanding, play these eleven plus quizzes and see just how much you know about this vast and intriguing subject.

One of the main areas where maths is used in day to day life is when dealing with money and that is of interest to all of us. Revise and then test yourself to see how good you are at answering financial questions.

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