VR - A Spelling Game to Practise Techniques Read
VR - Alternating Terms (2) Read
VR - Alternating Terms and Geometric Progression Read
VR - Anagrams Read
VR - Arithmetic and Geometric Progression Read
VR - Codes Read
VR - Codes (2) Read
VR - Compound Words Read
VR - Compound Words and Inserting Small Words to Make Long Ones Read
VR - Filling Grids With Words Read
VR - Finishing and Starting Words Read
VR - Following Instructions with Figures and Picking a Figure to Fulfil Criteria Read
VR - Hidden Words Read
VR - Letter Series (1) Read
VR - Letter Series (2) Read
VR - Logic Problems Read
VR - Making Words From Larger Words And Words that Cannot Be Made From Larger Words Read
VR - Making Words Using a Rule Read
VR - Making Words Using a Rule (2) Read
VR - Moving a Letter to Make New Words Read
VR - Negative Arithmetic Progression and Adding Consecutive Numbers Read
VR - Odd One Out (1) Read
VR - Odd One Out (2) Read
VR - Similarities Between Letter Pairs Read
VR - Spotting Anagrams Read
VR - Spotting Synonyms Read
VR - Spotting Synonyms or Antonyms and Answering Questions About Words Read
VR - Word Connections (1) Read
VR - Word Connections (2) Read
VR - Words with Multiple Meanings And Learning How To Put Words Into Groups Read
VR - Working Out Sums Using Letters Read

Education-Quizzes-Verbal-ReasoningVerbal Reasoning

This page contains a full suite of 11+ verbal reasoning exam illustrations that provide enjoyable revision and testing.

The purpose of this area of the Education Quizzes website is to provide worked examples of VR questions, complete with hints, tips and techniques to help children tackle the 11-Plus papers. All of the contents have been written for us by David Hatton - a teacher with a wealth of experience in this arena.

If you are serious about passing the 11-Plus examination then reading these exam illustrations will give you a good start to being the best in class.

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