Closest Meaning 1 Play
Closest Meaning 2 Preview
Closest Meaning 3 Preview
Closest Meaning 4 Preview
Complete the Sum 1 Preview
Complete the Sum 2 Preview
Complete the Sum 3 Preview
Complete the Sum 4 Preview
Complete the Word 1 Preview
Complete the Word 2 Preview
Complete the Word 3 Preview
Complete the Word 4 Preview
Compound Words 1 Preview
Compound Words 2 Preview
Compound Words 3 Preview
Compound Words 4 Preview
Hidden Word 1 Preview
Hidden Word 2 Preview
Hidden Word 3 Preview
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Insert a Letter 1 Preview
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Insert a Letter 3 Preview
Insert a Letter 4 Preview
Letter Connections 1 Preview
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Letter Connections 3 Preview
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Letter Series 1 Preview
Letter Series 2 Preview
Letter Series 3 Preview
Letter Series 4 Preview
Letters for Numbers 1 Preview
Letters for Numbers 2 Preview
Letters for Numbers 3 Preview
Letters for Numbers 4 Preview
Make a Word 1 Preview
Make a Word 2 Preview
Make a Word 3 Preview
Make a Word 4 Preview
Missing Word 1 Preview
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Missing Word 4 Preview
Move a Letter 1 Preview
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Move a Letter 3 Preview
Move a Letter 4 Preview
Number Series 1 Preview
Number Series 2 Preview
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Opposite Meaning 1 Preview
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Reading Information 1 Preview
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Related Numbers 1 Preview
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Related Numbers 3 Preview
Related Numbers 4 Preview
Related Words 1 Preview
Related Words 2 Preview
Related Words 3 Preview
Related Words 4 Preview
Same Meaning 1 Preview
Same Meaning 2 Preview
Same Meaning 3 Preview
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Two Odd Ones Out 1 Preview
Two Odd Ones Out 2 Preview
Two Odd Ones Out 3 Preview
Two Odd Ones Out 4 Preview
Word Connections 1 Preview
Word Connections 2 Preview
Word Connections 3 Preview
Word Connections 4 Preview
Word-Number Codes 1 Preview
Word-Number Codes 2 Preview
Word-Number Codes 3 Preview
Word-Number Codes 4 Preview

Education-Quizzes-Clever-Girls11-Plus Verbal Reasoning Preparation

These quizzes have been written by teachers to demystify 11-Plus Verbal Reasoning - enjoyable revision and testing.

If you like the logic and reasoning found in the English language then you've come to the right place! Here you can really test your skills in no less than 84 quizzes covering all 21 types of Verbal Reasoning that are required for the eleven plus. Try Opposite Meaning or Word Number Codes and see if you can beat your friends and family!

If you are serious about passing the 11-Plus examination then playing these quizzes will give you a good start to being the best in class.

Author: Stephen O'Hara and Ian Miles
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