'Not a lot' Play
A funny old business Play
A game that you'll enjoy Play
A test of your skill Play
Between ourselves ... Play
Beyond the limit Play
Dear Sir or Madam ... Play
Do your best Play
Easy as pie! Play
Fancy your chances? Play
Give it a go Play
Have we done it? Play
Hear here? Play
How are you getting on? Play
How long have you known? Play
I'd rather you did! Play
If I were you Play
If this, then that Play
In other words Play
Interesting experiences Play
It'll be OK, won’t it? Play
It's a piece of cake Play
It's right in front of you! Play
Keep calm and carry on Play
Language Challenge Play
Let's Party Play
Let's put it another way Play
Look before you leap Play
Mix and Match Play
No problem! Play
OK with these, aren't you? Play
Once you've finished Play
One or many? Play
Ready by when? Play
Show me how to do it Play
Such a lovely idea Play
Sunny intervals Play
The more the merrier Play
These questions of ours Play
Unless you object Play
Watch your spelling Play
We do enjoy this Play
What does that say? Play
What will you be doing next? Play
What's cooking? Play
Which witch is which? Play
Working well Play
Would you mind? Play
Wouldn’t it be fun? Play
Final Fun Play

Education-Quizzes-Do-You-Speak-EnglishEnglish as a Second Language - Difficult

Now that you have reached a fairly advanced stage in learning English as a Second Language you might like to read-up on what motivates us to learn a language. In a Guardian article we are told that there is both Integrative Motivation and Instrumental Motivation - read the article to see which pattern of thought is most applicable to you.

If you have been working your way through our ESL quizzes, then try these more difficult questions when you feel you are ready.

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The quizzes challenge you on subjects such as emphasis, conjunctions, indirect speech and relative clauses, to name a few.

Remember to practise speaking the language as well as reading and writing. It’s important to not only understand the spoken word, but also to be understood. When you get full marks in all these quizzes, you can safely assume that you are a fully-fledged English speaker!

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Author: Ian Miles
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