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London with a Capital L - Capital Letters

Quiz playing is a wonderful way to increase your knowledge of English as a Second Language. Remember that all of our ESL quizzes have titles that are both friendly and technical at the same time… In the case of this quiz you might like to tell your friends about the quiz called “London with a Capital L” but your teacher will probably talk to you about "Capital Letters". If you hear a technical term and you want to find a quiz about the subject then just look through the list of quiz titles until you find what you need.

London is the capital of England and its first letter is always a capital! We use capital first letters for lots of important things in English, but these may not be quite the same as in other languages that you speak. For each question in this quiz, only ONE answer shows the capital letters used correctly... which one?

  1. Choose the correct sentence.
    Most normal English writers would use six capitals, altogether, in this sentence.
  2. Choose the correct sentence.
    Words like 'station' and 'airport' only take a Capital on the front if they are part of the name of one special place that you are talking about (like Trafalgar Square).
  3. Choose the correct sentence.
    In English we always use capitals for the names of countries, their people and languages.
  4. Choose the correct sentence.
    We usually put a capital letter on the title of someone, as well as their name (like Doctor Who).
  5. Choose the correct sentence.
    We use Capitals for the names of people (famous or not) and the titles of festivals, like Easter. But we don't put capitals on all our nouns.
  6. Choose the correct sentence.
    Remember that English doesn't usually put a Capital Letter on the front of a 'common noun' ('any old' ordinary thing like a dog or a teacup).
  7. Choose the correct sentence.
    Don't forget: in English we always use a Capital Letter on names of days and months.
  8. Choose the correct sentence.
    In this sentence you should not need more than four capitals.
  9. Choose the correct sentence.
    You need 7 capitals this time, altogether ... no more, and no fewer!
  10. Choose the correct sentence.
    You only need a Capital Initial on the front of the sentence, and on Proper Names (such as places on the map). We don't usually bother to put capitals on small words, even if they are part of a title (like the Grand Old Duke of York).

Author: Ian Miles

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