These and Those - Demonstrative Words Play for free
That Wasn't So Hard - Negative Past Tenses Play for free
Time Will Tell - Turn Figures into Information Play for free
Try These! - Imperatives Play for free
Very Good Indeed - Intensifiers Play for free
Tasty! - Food Words and Terms Play for free
Quicker Than on Foot - Travel Words and Terms Play for free
Nobody's Problem - Possessive Apostrophes Play for free
On the Job - English Professions Play for free
Our Special Friends - Animal Words and Terms Play for free
Out and About - Direction Words and Terms Play for free
We Live and Learn - Schools and Learning Terms Play for free
What Are You Like? - Personal Descriptions Play for free
Where I Live - Home Words and Terms Play for free
Where Are You From? - Nationality Words and Terms Play for free
Whose is That? - Possessive Terms Play for free
Write it Right - Correct Spellings Play for free
Yes Please - Politeness Words and Terms Play for free
What's That? - The Little Words Play for free
What's Happened? - Perfect Tense Forms Play for free
What Can I Wear? - Clothes Words and Terms Play for free
What Have You Got? - 'Having' and 'Getting' Play for free
What's Been Going On? - Past Questions Play for free
What's Going On? - Present Tense Forms Play for free
My Family and I - Family Words and Terms Play for free
Looking Ahead - Future Tenses Play for free
Can You Do It? - Modal Auxiliary Verbs Play for free
Bold as Brass - Comparatives Play for free
Can't Stop Now! - Negative Modal Auxiliary Verbs Play for free
Do it Yourself - Reflexives Play for free
Enough and Not Too Much - Quantity Words and Terms Play for free
Be the Best! - Superlatives Play for free
Ask Me Another - Asking and Answering Questions Play for free
A Funny Lot - Irregular Plurals Play for free
A Splendid Idea - Adjectives Play for free
A Time and a Place - Prepositions Play for free
Are You a Visitor? - Articles Play for free
Free Time Fun - Hobby Words and Terms Play for free
Get Connected - Computer Words and Terms Play for free
It Isn't Hard - Negative Present Tenses Play for free
It's a Lovely Day - Weather Words and Terms Play for free
Let's Have Fun! - Verbs Play for free
London with a Capital L - Capital Letters Play for free
Isn't This Fun? - Negative Questions Play for free
How Much? - Quantity Words and Terms Play for free
Getting Better - Comparative Adjectives Play for free
How Are You Doing? - Present Tense Play for free
How Do You Do? - Making and Doing Play for free
How Do You Like That? - Positive Adjectives Play for free
... What Can We Do? - Everyday Verbs Play for free

esl-easy-union-flag English as a Second Language - Easy

If you cannot understand the introductions to these ESL Easy quizzes then don't worry - you just need a little more English practice before you begin this section...

Click the Home link in the bar near the top of this page, then click the KS1 link and work your way through the KS1 English quizzes and the KS1 Spelling quizzes. These will help to make you more familiar with English. Then, come back to these ESL quizzes and they will seem much easier to you.

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For decades politicians in France have fought against the global supremacy of the English language but now even they acknowledge the importance of English as a Second Language! Nowadays a mastery of English is essential for success not only in the UK but throughout the world.

Add a little fun and excitement to your learning of the English language by playing interesting quizzes.

The 50 quizzes listed below deal with the many different aspects of English that you will be getting to know. For instance, you will learn how to greet people and how to ask and answer questions in a polite way. For students wishing to get an in depth knowledge of the subject you will learn all about verbs, nouns, adjectives, plurals and much more!

Learning English as a Second language doesn’t have to be all hard word. Spend as much time as you can on the quizzes and you will be surprised how quickly you improve.

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