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Tasty! - Food Words and Terms

Quiz playing is a wonderful way to increase your knowledge of English as a Second Language. Remember that all of our ESL quizzes have titles that are both friendly and serious at the same time… In the case of this quiz you might like to tell your friends about “Tasty!” but no doubt your teachers will talk about the “Food Words and Terms quiz”! If you hear a specific term and you want to find a quiz about the subject then just look through the list of quiz titles until you find what you need.

You will find that food words and terms are important to learn in any language. A lot of people worldwide may think that British food is not very exciting. You might be surprised! We have welcomed many other traditions (Norman French cooking almost 1,000 years ago in 1066; the Romans before that; Indian and Chinese more recently; and many other fine European and worldwide traditions)... but we have plenty of good things of our own.

You can't live long without eating and drinking, so you should find a topic on food words and terms useful and enjoyable.

  1. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    When many people think of English food, the first thing that comes into their mind is probably ...
    Fish-and-chips is a British invention. In almost any town or city, you are never more than a few minutes' walk from a chip shop. They may serve other things (Answers 1 & 2 are both popular) but 'F-&-C' is the standard characteristic product.
  2. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    There are many ways of eating eggs at breakfast. If you break two eggs, mix them up with a little salt and pepper (and maybe some milk or butter), stir them and turn them out onto a plate, these are ... ... eggs.
    Most British hotels would offer you all of these choices at breakfast. If you like eggs yourself, you should check with your own dictionary and find out which cooking method is which!
  3. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    The British probably enjoy ice-cream as much as anyone else. But on one of those (fairly rare!) scorching hot days in Britain, instead of having a 'dairy ice-cream' ~ one based on milk/cream ~ you might prefer one that comes on a small stick and is made (more or less) with just frozen fruit juice. It should be refreshing and is probably a bright colour such as orange or red. We call this a ...
    This would be an ice-lolly.
    'Brolly' (Answer 1) is the common short form for 'umbrella' ... which you should not need if it's 'ice-cream weather'!
    A trolley (Answer 2) is a cart with small wheels, like in a supermarket or at a station or airport.
  4. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    Most people can get used to a big British weekend dinner with roast beef and horseradish sauce, but some people find it strange that we eat lamb with ... ... .
    A sauce made with fresh mint leaves tastes very good with lamb (the lamb may come from Wales, though other lamb can be good too). The French, and others, seem to find this a rather strange idea.
    Mint is often a sweet flavour, as in chewing-gum; this is usually spearmint or peppermint. We have noticed that peppermint sweets are far less popular in some other countries than they are in Britain. You can buy them in any corner-shop here, but you may not find them (for instance) where an English person might otherwise expect to, in service stations on the motorways of northern Europe.
  5. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    The classic, light cold bar-meal at midday in a pub would probably be a ... ... .
    Shepherd's pie (Answer 2) = minced lamb with potato on top; this is popular in the colder seasons.
    The 'ploughman's lunch' would be a cold plate or platter containing bread or a roll; cheese and/or cold meats; pickles, and salad. A ploughman is (or was) someone who did heavy work on a farm, probably using horse-drawn equipment before the days of modern tractors. He would be hungry (and thirsty) by lunchtime!
  6. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    Another form of 'working lunch' would be made with minced meat and vegetables, wrapped into a piece of pastry with a twisted shape along the top where the join was closed. This is then baked in an oven. It is named from part of the far south-west of England, where men working in the mines wanted a good meal that could be eaten with the bare hands and without wasting anything, nor leaving any rubbish. What is it called?
    The Cornish pasty is also commonly known as a 'tiddy-oggy'.
    'Northumbrian' (Answer 3) has 'north' in it, which is quite a strong clue that this has nothing to do with the south-west.
    If, for instance, you happen to be walking some distance on the South West Coastal Path (630 miles; ~1,000km), you might have an 'oggy' (or a ploughman's) to take with you for lunch, and stop later for a 'cream tea'. The West Country receives plenty of rainfall from clouds coming in off the Atlantic, it grows splendid grass and the cows there make wonderful milk, which in turn finds its way into Cream Teas (along with fresh scones [like buns/bread rolls], jam and a pot of tea of course)!
  7. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    Still in the West Country, a drink that you might like to try is called 'scrumpy'. This is a regional variety of ...
    Very refreshing, but often quite strong ~ so be careful if you drink much of it after a long hot day!
    This is an alcoholic drink ... so it may not be suitable for all our readers and students.
  8. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    A simple but welcome meal, perhaps for children after a cold day outside, is widely known in Britain as ...
    Sausages are (or at least, used to be) called 'bangers' because of the noise they can make if their skins burst while you are cooking them.
    'Spuds [ = potatoes] and sausages' is possible, but not what we ever say.
    Kippers (Answer 3) = smoked herrings (a kind of fish), which you would not eat together with porridge, although plenty of Scots might well begin their breakfast with porridge and then have a kipper or two afterwards.
    Bacon and (baked) beans ~ Answer 4 ~ is a possible and nutritious alternative, but probably not as obvious or common as Bangers and Mash.
  9. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    In many British institutions ~ pubs and hotels, canteens, schools, hospitals and prisons ~ the hot sweet dish at the end of lunch might well be a fruit pie, tart or crumble, but it will almost certainly be served with ...
    Mustard (Answer 1) is a hot spicy sauce, that you would perhaps have in a very small amount on the side of your plate while eating the first, savoury course (probably with meat).
    Custard is a sweet, creamy (milk-based) sauce, usually light yellow in colour, and flavoured with vanilla.
    You may well have recognised 'pie' and 'tart' in the question: a tart, like a flan, has pastry on the bottom but the top is open so you can see the main part of the dessert, which is probably made with fruit. A pie is similar, but closed over the top with another layer of pastry. A 'crumble' is made with the fruit underneath, and over the top are scattered small grains that are quite like pastry, but in tiny pieces. The overall texture is quite different. Apple crumble is particularly popular on cool days in the autumn ~ when there is plenty of fruit and you want something warm and nourishing and healthy to finish your meal.
  10. Pick the best word or words to complete the sentence in good English.
    Instead of a 'continental breakfast' at a hotel, where the only warm items might be a bread-roll and a pot of tea or coffee, why not try the Full English Breakfast? It varies a little from place to place, but for most people it would start with a glass of fruit juice and/or a bowl of cereal. The main part of the meal would then contain ...
    Yes, the Full English Breakfast usually contains most of the first eight of these things on a single plate! You could ask for some of them to be taken off, if you are not so hungry ~ or if you are (for instance) a vegetarian, or you don't eat pork for reasons to do with your religion.
    Many people would also add tomato ketchup or 'brown sauce' to bring out the flavours even more.
    If you are interested in what 'black pudding' is, this might be a good opportunity for you to do a bit of your own further research!

Author: Ian Miles

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