A Batch of Brain-Teasers - Groups, Collectives & Containers Play
A Friendly Word - Tricky Adverbs Play
All in Order - Sequences: 1st, Next, Last Play
All Present & Correct - Present Tense Forms Revision Play
As I Was Saying - Simple & Continuous Tenses Play
At The Moment - Prepositions & In Time Phrases Play
At The Zoo - Animal Words and Terms Play
Been There, Done That - Irregular Past Forms Play
Before Continuing - Phrasal Verbs With -ing Play
Come And Try This! - Motion & Purpose Play
Don’t Trip Over This! - Contractions Play
Don’t You Feel Well? - Illness, Allergies & Emergencies Play
Everyone Knows! - Correlatives Play
Fun And Games - 'Doubleton' Phrases Play
Good Reason - Conjunctions Play
How Are We Doing? - Continuous Tenses Play
How It's Written - Passive Voice Play
How Likely? - Modals Play
I Asked What You Did - Indirect Questions Play
If We Could Try This - Conditional Play
If You Do That Again - Future Tense Sequence Play
If You Must - Various Tenses Play
Important Letters - Everyday Abbreviations Play
It's Too Hard! - Complaining Play
Lots of Luck! - Quantitative Expressions Play
May I? - Permission Play
Moving On - Phrasel Verbs Play
Must You? - Obligations Play
No, Thank You - Polite Negative Expressions Play
Old Habits - Adverbs of Frequency Play
Say When - Dates & Seasons Play
Since When? - Duration Tenses Play
Spelling Bee - Homophones Play
Tell Me - Verbs of Utterance Play
Tell Me Another - Verbs With 2 Objects Play
Ten of Those, Please - Transaction Phrases Play
The Word That Fits - Relatives Play
Tough Enough? - Medium Frequency Words Play
Up Hill, Down Dale - Landscape & Landmarks Play
We Want You To Succeed - Verb, Object & Infinitive Structure Play
What Did You Say? - Reported Speech Play
What Did You Think? - Opinions in Mixed Tenses Play
What Do You Know? - General Knowledge Play
What Had You Done? - Pluperfect Play
What If? - Past Tense Sequence Play
What's Been Said? - Passive Variants Play
What's My Line? - Job Words and Terms Play
Which One's Right? - Mixed Detailed 'Proofreading' Play
You Mustn’t Miss This! - Warning & Forbidding Play
You, Them and Us - Pronouns Play

Education-Quizzes-Phone-BoxEnglish as a Second Language - Medium

According to The Mail Online about 700,000 migrants to the UK do not try to speak English as a Second Language. Fortunately you are not one of them otherwise you would not be here. We are pleased to see you!

Have you played and understood the 50 quizzes in our “ESL Easy” section? If not then we recommend that you start with those. Only when you are confident with the earlier quizzes should you move on to this “Medium” section.

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We find that most students who are learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) simply want to learn how to speak and write correctly. That is why we try not to burden you with technical expressions. Instead these 500 questions, answers and helpful comments have been designed to help you begin to feel confident with the language.

Remember the more you play, the more you learn!

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Author: Ian Miles
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