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Learning GCSE English: Punctuation, Poetry and Writing

(Fun GCSE English revision quizzes to teach students in Year 10 and Year 11)

Oh English, how thou art warm thy hearts.

Wait, don’t fall asleep!

English isn’t all ‘thou’, ‘thus’ and ‘thistle’. Actually, it’s about how we communicate with words. But you knew that already. You’re a conscientious English student, after all.

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GCSE English revision doesn’t have to be an absolute bore. In fact, we think English is pretty interesting (not quite as interesting as watching an idiot get their tongue stuck to a frozen lamppost, but not far off). We whizz up the National Curriculum stuff into quizzes that you’ll enjoy doing. It’s like doing a pub quiz on your school subjects.

Intrigued? We thought you might be.

Of course, we cover all the important stuff. We’ll teach you key facts about the poetry you’re studying, so you can go into your exams confident that you know what the poems are about and what the important details are. We also cover writing styles and linguistic techniques.

And we don’t stop there! We’ll give you a rundown of punctuation and spelling to make sure your written expression is on top form (those examiners get grumpy when they see a rogue comma!) and we’ll also walk you through writing for different audiences and purposes.

So whether you want to refresh your persuasive writing skills or go over that poem you didn’t quite understand the first time you read it, Education Quizzes will be on hand to make revision a breeze. The quizzes are in an easy to follow format and explain each answer so you learn with each and every question.

You can wave a hearty goodbye to falling asleep at your desk and welcome a new way to learn. Our quizzes can be completed on your laptop, tablet or even mobile, so you can do a quick quiz here and there to brush up on your GCSE English knowledge.

We’re ready when thou art.

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GCSE English Revision

Relax a while and watch the video to learn about the subjects you need to revise.

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Alice Hassall
"Having websites like this really helps me have faith that when the time comes myself and Rocky can create the same home learning scenario as my highly educated mum did with me"
Alice Hassall

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