Britain: British Society 1951-1979 - Immigration And Its Impact

British society at different periods in the past is one area looked at in GCSE History. One of the timespans covered is 1951-1979 and an important aspect of that era is immigration and the impact that it had.

British Society has a tradition of receiving immigrants. French Protestants in the 17th Century escaping religious persecution, Jews fleeing Russian Tsarist pogroms in the 19th or Nazi Germany in the 20th, and West Indians seeking work in the 1940s and 1950s are some who have emigrated over the years to Britain. But what impact has all this immigration had?

Learn more about immigration and its impact on British society in this informative quiz.

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  1. Far right parties sprang up in the 1960's, urging the repatriation of immigrants. Which one of the following groups was founded in 1967?
    None of these groups made a big political impact, although they made their presence felt
  2. In 1962 the Conservative Government passed a piece of legislation that required future immigrants to have skills and to be already contracted to an employer. What was this Act called?
    Dependants were still allowed in
  3. London's West Indian community celebrates an annual carnival, which degenerated into riots in 1976. In which district is the carnival traditionally held?
    At this time relations between the carnival organisers and the police were poor, and the event became a byword for crime
  4. In the 1964 general election a Conservative candidate defeated a senior Labour figure in a West Midlands seat by playing the race card. What was the constituency concerned?
    Peter Griffiths won the seat in 1964, but it reverted to Labour at the next election
  5. In 1948 a liner docked in Britain carrying a large group of young West Indian men seeking work. What was the ship's name?
    There were other such ships, but this was far and away the most famous one
  6. Race riots disfigured an area of West London in 1958. Which area was this?
    There were similar events in Nottingham too. The courts dealt firmly with the white youths who stirred them up
  7. In 1948 the Labour government passed a measure that allowed anyone from a Commonwealth country to settle in any other Commonwealth country. What was the name of the Act?
    This law was an encouragement to Commonwealth citizens to re-locate, especially to the Mother Country
  8. In April 1968 a senior Conservative made a speech in Birmingham in which he foretold "the Tiber foaming with much blood", if immigration continued. Who was this?
    The speaker was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet for making what the "Times" called "an evil speech"
  9. In 1965 Harold Wilson's government passed an Act that forbade incitement to racial hatred. What was the name of the Act?
    When the courts began to hear the first cases under the Act they sometimes found it hard to secure convictions
  10. In 1972 all the Asian residents of an African country and former British colony were expelled by its dictator. Which state was this?
    Britain agreed to take the entire community

Author: Edward Towne

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