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Algebra 01 (H)

Are you a pro when it comes to Algebra skills? This Higher GCSE Algebra quiz will test you to the max! You will need to pull on all your knowledge of algebraic manipulation, factorising quadratics, understanding square roots, dealing with algebraic fractions and much more!

Good Algebra skills are essential if you intend studying subjects as diverse as Sciences, Geography, Engineering, Medicine, as well as Maths. In fact, Algebra underpins most of the technological advances since the Industrial Revolution, so you are in great company by being good at it!

Don’t be afraid to start using Algebra when you are solving problems. Introduce a letter for the thing you don’t know, then build up an expression by adding in what you do know.

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Exam questions may introduce a letter for you (normally x) – if they don't, then do it yourself!

Consider your Algebra skills as a toolkit – if you get stuck when working through something, try another tool. Useful tools include factorising when trying to re-arrange a formula and you have 2 terms with the subject in it, and the special quadratic cases such as Difference of Two Squares and the Perfect Square. Build up your confidence with algebraic fractions – with a bit of practise you will soon find they aren’t as scary as they look!

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