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Mathematical Definitions 02 (F)

There are so many mathematical definitions you need to know, we had to write a second GCSE Maths quiz! How did you get on in the Mathematical Definitions 01 quiz?

If you are struggling to remember all these maths terms, try writing them down then sort them into groups, such as SHAPE, ALGEBRA, NUMBER, PROBABILITY and DATA. Flashcards are a really good way to help you learn them – write the word on one side, and the definition on the other. You could even colour-code them by their groups. Then you can ask friends and family to test you. Make sure you test both sides – don’t just get them to say a word and you define it, get them to read out the description and you have to say the word that fits!

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Questions in the GCSE Maths exams will always use the correct mathematical terminology, so it is important that you know the meaning of it all, otherwise you may not answer the question properly. Are there any words or phrases you have come across that aren’t included in these quizzes? Let us know and we can add them in!

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