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Christianity - The Church Preview
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Learning GCSE Religious Education: Faith, Belief and Prayer

(Fun GCSE RE revision quizzes to teach students in Year 10 and Year 11)

We know there are a few school subjects that can put you to sleep (boo!). The good news is, Religious Education doesn’t have to be one of them (yay!).

When you study RE, you become aware of the various religions in the world and how each one differs. When it comes to revising GCSE RE, the differences between religions can sometimes get a bit muddled up.

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But that’s okay, our quizzes break each religion down into easy-to-digest pieces. That means you can learn about Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism in a thorough and enjoyable way. We cover each religion to the same degree and once you’ve completed our quizzes, you’ll have a comprehensive knowledge of the religious diversity in our world. Phew. Are you keeping up?

When you dive into GCSE Religious Education revision, you’ll see there are a lot of details to remember. Whether it’s the symbols of each faith or facts about religious buildings, RE is one for the Knowledge Whizz Kids. If you do well, it will also set you up nicely for any further study in Philosophy (if you’re into that kind of thing).

We think quizzes are the best way to learn Religious Education. We allow you to tackle one question at a time and make sure you understand the answer before moving on. That means you don’t have to leave loads of gaping holes in your religious knowledge and worry about them coming up in the exams.

With our quizzes, you can set achievable daily revision goals and get the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re making progress.

Forget stressing about your exams. We’ll change the way you think about revision. Tackle RE head on with our engaging and enjoyable approach to learning.

You’ll wonder how you ever survived with just textbooks.

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Author: Ian Miles

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Nyomi Nomipalony
"The quizzes being on the computer or Ipad really help with this as the photos help contextualise it for Arlo and him doing ‘grown up’ work on the laptop/Ipad adds to the novelty of it for him."
Nyomi Nomipalony

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