The Benefits of Playing Quizzes

Our job here at Education Quizzes is to help you do well in your lessons, to learn quickly, and to make studying as enjoyable as possible for you. Our teachers believe the multiple-choice quiz format we use is the surest way to help you succeed.

When you are reading a book you might find you often daydream and don’t concentrate on the subject you are trying to learn about. It is different with quizzes because you need to constantly think in order to answer the questions you are presented with. That is the main reason why learning with quizzes is so successful.

We recommend you spend about 30 minutes a day playing quizzes. You will probably find this amount of time enables you to play up to 15 quizzes. Stick to this regime and you will be amazed at how much you achieve in just one month.

Our Recommendations for Organizing Your Time

  1. Allocate some time each day for revising at our site
  2. Determine which subject you want to revise today
  3. From the home page click your curriculum
  4. On the resulting page click your subject
  5. Look through the resulting quiz listing page and play the quizzes that are most important to you at this time

Before a Test or Exam

In the week before a test or exam play ALL the quizzes in the relevant section. This is the fastest possible way to jog your memory.

Get Your Friends, Family and Teachers Involved

You can play our quizzes by yourself on most computers, tablets and ‘phones but you might find that it is often more fun to play them along with your friends and family. Why not see if they are as clever as they say they are!

Tell your teachers about the site as well because they will be able to help you decide which quizzes to concentrate on. Teachers can sign up a class and get reports of how well each person in the class is doing and then provide additional guidance as necessary. In addition, all the quizzes can be printed out for use in class.

It's all free, so take some time to explore the site and enjoy.

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