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Learning KS1 Art and Design: Creativity and Flair

(Exciting KS1 Art and Design revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2)

Our Art and Design quizzes are the perfect mix of creativity and knowledge.

Two things that go really well together - a bit like a banana fudge sundae. Year 1 and Year 2 students can learn how to perfect their skills and understand more about the brilliant creative minds from history.

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Our KS1 quizzes will cover the nitty gritty artistic techniques and drawing skills, as well as key facts about famous artists and movements (we mean artistic movements, not the dad dancing kind) that have helped shape the artistic landscape. Phew, what a lot of knowledge! (Are you dreaming about a banana fudge sundae now? We’re drooling over here.)

Let's face it - most of us only pretend to be impressed by some of the art in museums. But when students are clued up, they can understand the different types of art and how significant it really is. And who says art experts have to be old, grey and boring? With our quizzes, students can polish their skills and who knows, they might be giving the tour speech on the next family trip to the art gallery...

Oh and don't be fooled! Art isn't just for the next Picasso. We don’t just want to create a little hoard of artists (although that would be fantastic). We also want to help train the next generation of digital designers, logo creators and web designers. You know, all those fancy new jobs people are getting now. That stuff is important too and we know it! There's no outward limit to where Art and Design can help a student later on. A keen creative eye is a great skill to have and it's always best to get a head start. Our quizzes will be the guideline students need to develop their creativity and flair.

Art is everywhere. With our quizzes, students can learn practical skills and unleash their inner talents. Three cheers for that. Can we have a sundae now?

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