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Education-Quizzes-3D-House-Design Learning KS1 Design and Technology: Little Lightbulb Moments

(Engaging KS1 D and T revision quizzes to teach students in Year 1 and Year 2)

Design and Technology is also known as D and T and sometimes just DT (phew, are you keeping up?). Let’s put it simply - it’s all about planning ideas and turning them into actual things. It might just be one of the most exciting subjects you can study at school. It’s the subject where students are mostly likely to have their “Eureka!” moment! And isn’t that the most fun that can be had in a lesson?

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Design and Technology covers all sorts of interesting and essential things. From cooking and engineering to tools and electricity - there’s no shortage of topics all about 'making things'.

Let's just take a breather for a moment. Learning DT at KS1 is an exciting time, yes. But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. We have to think like an inventor. After all, that's what subjects like Design and Technology are all about! An inventor might look at the National Curriculum and say, "Great material! Now we just need to whizz it up in a way that students will enjoy". And we agree. That's why children in KS1 can enjoy their D and T education and revise this oh-so-exhilarating subject using our quizzes! What better way to engage the young minds of inventors than using technology to their advantage? We have to admit, we're a little bit proud of ourselves for our innovation there.

Don't forget, our quizzes are written by teachers and they really know their stuff. So whether a student is learning all about machines or how to stay safe in a DT environment, they can be sure they're revising top quality material that's written and approved by teachers and follows the curriculum. That’s our little eureka moment right there.

D and T is a fantastic subject for children of all ages. The earlier they learn the basics, the better! Check out our Design and Technology quizzes now.

Let's spark the minds of little inventors everywhere!

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