Year 1 - High Frequency Words - Part 1

High Frequency Words, Part 1 helps KS1 children in Year 1 learn how to spell some of the common and tricky words they will use in their everyday writing.

There are some tricks we can learn for spelling words but, unfortunately, some of the most common words we use are quite difficult when it comes to spelling them. These tricky words need to be memorised. They are known as 'high frequency words' because they often appear in your day-to-day life. Have a go at these high frequency words and see how many you already know.

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  1. Spell this missing word: _____ is Monday.
    The word 'today' is two words pushed together: 'to' and 'day'.
  2. Spell this missing word: Where _____ you?
    Don't forget the way we tell the difference between 'where' and 'were' is that 'where' has the word 'here' inside it, so that word is to do with place.
  3. Spell this missing word: He _____ very tall.
    Make sure you don't get confused between the 'i' and 'e' sound!
  4. Spell the missing word that fits in both gaps: _____ cat is in _____ basket.
    The word 'the' is often used in our sentences and so, must always be spelt correctly. There is a word 'thee' but it was used in the 1600s and meant 'you'.
  5. Spell this missing word: "Hello," he _____.
    When we say someone is speaking we often use the word 'said'. This is a good word to remember as you'll use it lots!
  6. Spell this missing word: How _____ you?
    'Ar' does make the same sound as 'are' but a sound is not a word!
  7. Spell this missing word: _____ are very funny.
    The letter 'u' is said the same way as the word 'you'.
  8. Spell this missing word: He _____ going to give you his last sweet.
    Jelly Babies (sweets) used to be called Peace Babies.
  9. Spell this missing word: She _____ a lovely hat on her head.
    The word 'has' sounds similar to the word 'as'.
  10. Spell this missing word: She is the Queen _____ Spain.
    Here the 'f' sound makes a 'v' sound.

Author: Finola Waller

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