Year 1 - Magic e with o

Magic e with o tests KS1 children’s skills using the sound made in words like ‘hope’. The words in this quiz are taken from the National Curriculum.

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When there is an e at the end of a word, it changes the vowel into what we call a long vowel sound. The word ‘hop’ goes from ‘o’ to ‘hope’ making the vowel sound longer. Test your spelling skills on these magic e with o words.

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  1. Spell the missing word: Father Christmas lives in the North _____.
    Poole is a place near Bournemouth, in England.
  2. Spell the missing word: This is their holiday _____.
    The sounds 'ow' and 'oa' both make this o_e sound.
  3. Spell the missing word: This is a picture of a _____.
    The kneecap is a bone and is actually called the patella.
  4. Spell the missing word: He has a very large _____.
    There isn't a bone between your nostrils, instead there is cartilage.
  5. Spell the missing word: There was a huge _____ in the road.
    Holes in the road can be dangerous and can cause cars to break, especially the suspension.
  6. Spell the missing word: He slid down the _____ on his skis.
    The most popular ski resorts are in The Alps.
  7. Spell the missing word: They are taking pictures on their _____.
    The 'ph' makes a 'f' sound and the word is broken up like this: ph + o + n.
  8. Spell the missing word: He needed a long _____.
    Rope is useful to have and there are lots of different knots you can learn!
  9. Spell the missing word: _____ birds are scary!
    This bird is called an emu and is about six foot tall. That's about the height of a very tall man!
  10. Spell the missing word: She _____ up and had a stretch.
    If we say woke, it means it's already happened, If it is happening now we say 'she is waking up'.

Author: Finola Waller

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