Year 1 - Spelling Review 1

This Spelling Review 1 quiz will test KS1 children on a variety of spellings taken from the National Curriculum. These spellings won’t belong to a particular sound group and won’t be in a particular order. This is the best way to test if a child really remembers these spellings.

Ok, so you’ve done all the Year 1 spellings and think you know all the sound patterns in words….well, let’s test you! These spellings will be random words, so good luck. See if you can get 10/10.

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  1. I would ____ to ____ the world.
    There are two words that sound the same: sale and sail. Sail is to do with boats and sale means items are now cheaper.
  2. Go to the ____ and ____ me a spoon please.
    Both these words have the 'tch' sound.
  3. I ____ I just ____ the bus!
    Although the word 'think' has a 'n' in it, you don't necessarily hear it when you say the word.
  4. I'm afraid it will ____ on ____.
    If you write a day of the week or a month name, you should always start that word with a capital letter.
  5. I will ____ this puppy as much ____ as it needs!
    Both these words end with a 'v' and if a word ends with that sound, it is almost always followed by a silent 'e'.
  6. It was a ____ to win the ____ game.
    The youngest chess grandmaster was 13 years old.
  7. Don't ____ _____ that ____!
    'Off' has a 'f' sound at the end of it whereas 'of' is said like this: 'ov'.
  8. I ____ the bee to stop ____ near my ear.
    The word asked is a high frequency word, this means you'll use it a lot in your writing, so it's worth remembering how to spell it!
  9. ____ for all those ____ of chocolates!
    An apostrophe should only be used to show a letter is missing or if someone owns something - a box can't own anything!
  10. What is the ____ of tennis if you don't ____ it?
    It's a fair comment - you should only play a sport if you enjoy it as that is the whole point! Also, you should be prepared to lose as it happens to everyone - even Rafael Nadal.

Author: Finola Waller

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