Year 1 - The Sound ear

This 'Sound ear' spelling quiz makes KS1 children aware of the words that are spelt with those three letters. The words are taken from and added to those suggested in the National Curriculum.

The letters ‘ear’ make the same sound as ‘eer’. Any time you see these three letters it could make the 'ear' sound or the 'er' sound. This test is on the 'ear' - the longer vowel sound it makes. Test your knowledge on 'ear' spellings.

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  1. Spell the missing word: Are you growing a ____?
    In November, many men grow beards to raise money for charity - it's called Movember!
  2. Spell the missing word: She ____ mud all over her face.
    Some people put mud over their face to make it feel fresh; unfortunately it's not the mud you find in your garden but special mud with extra ingredients added!
  3. Spell the missing word: Which ____ were you born?
    Every Chinese New Year an animal is named for that year. You can find out which animal you are and what that means about you.
  4. Spell the missing word: The Roman man used a ____ to kill the boar.
    A spear is a long pole with a pointed end that was used in combat by the Romans.
  5. Spell the missing word: A ____ rolled down her cheek.
    A tear is a noun - a word for water coming from your eyes. However, tear can also be a verb where you rip something.
  6. Spell the missing word: Speak louder, I can't ____ you.
    This kind of 'hear' is to do with sound, we know this because the word 'ear' is in it!
  7. Spell the missing word: I'll take the front if you bring up the ____.
    The word 'rear' means back, so this means if you take the front, I'll look after the back.
  8. Spell the missing word: Your dart was very ____ to the bullseye.
    The red circle in the middle of a dartboard is called the bullseye and is where you get the most points (50).
  9. Spell the missing word: ____ Alan, I'm writing to you to say hello.
    When you write a letter, we begin it with 'Dear'. If you are talking about the animal, we write 'deer'.
  10. Spell the missing word: His piggy bank is made of ____ glass.
    There is a saying: take care of the pennies and the pennies will take care of the pounds. This means: every penny counts!

Author: Finola Waller

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