Year 1 - The Sound ow (how)

This 'Sound ow' spelling quiz helps KS1 children spell words with this digraph when it is said like ‘how’ and not ‘know’. There are two ways you can say these letters (ow) but this quiz is designed to help children learn words where this digraph is used as ow/ou. The spellings used have been added to those in the National Curriculum.

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The letters ‘ow’ can be said two ways. If you’re ever unsure, try the word when it sounds like ow/o (no) then try it when it sounds like ow/ou (loud). This quiz will test you on words where the ‘ow’ sound is the same as when you say ‘owl’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. Learn to swim, so you don't ____.
    Did you know that elephants can swim? They can swim up to twenty miles a day!
  2. Will you join me on a shopping trip into ____?
    A town is larger than a village but not as big as a city.
  3. The bear let out an angry ____.
    Bears use growling as a way of communicating; often it means stay away from me.
  4. ____ old do you have to be to get a birthday card from the queen?
    The answer is 100. When you reach 100 years old, the queen will send you a birthday card.
  5. She had a ____ at her party.
    Some people are scared of clowns; we say they suffer from coulrophobia.
  6. Bring that ____ here ____!
    If there is a 'k' in front of the word now, it not only changes the meaning of the word but also how the 'ow' sound is pronounced.
  7. Sloths have ____ fur.
    There are around 300 moths that live in their fur! Yuck!
  8. Is this lift going up or ____?
    Another word for a lift is elevator.
  9. Turn that ____ upside down.
    If you turn a frown upside down, you are changing it to a smile!
  10. Be careful when you go to London, it can get quite ____.
    It can be busy in London because there are more than 8 million people living there!

Author: Finola Waller

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