Year 1 - The Sound ow (show)

This 'Sound ow' spelling quiz helps KS1 children spell words with this digraph when it is said like ‘show’ and not ‘now’. There are two ways you can say these letters (ow) but this will help them learn words where it is used as ow/o. The spellings used have been added to those in the National Curriculum.

The letters ‘ow’ can be said two ways. When reading a word with this sound, try the word when it sounds like ow/o (no) then try it when it sounds like ow/ou (owl). This quiz will test you on words where the ‘ow’ sound is the same as when you say ‘show’. See if you can spell all ten words correctly.

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  1. I would like to ____ a bonsai tree.
    Bonsai trees look like miniature trees and are grown in small pots.
  2. I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll ____ your house down!
    This is what the wolf said each time he went to the three pigs' homes.
  3. ____ me an example of how you use the word ____.
    You could show me by saying: I know exactly how to use the word know because I know lots of knowledgeable facts.
  4. My house has a ____ ____.
    Glass is made from a few things but mainly by melting sand.
  5. I ____ that ____.
    If you know something, then you are knowledgeable. Without the 'k' the word changes to 'now' as in, do that now!
  6. We love playing in the ____.
    It snows when it is freezing cold and the water particles turn to icicles.
  7. She said, "Don't ____ down, ____ me."
    Fallow, fellow and flow are all words, but wouldn't be correct in our sentence.
  8. I want to go ____ deck when we go under the bridge.
    The longest bridge in the world is in China.
  9. Please ____ me around this museum.
    The British Museum is the busiest London museum.
  10. Does your watch ____ in the dark? ___ me!
    Some watches have dots on their faces and hands to show the time in the dark.

Author: Finola Waller

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