Year 1 - The Sound oy

This 'Sound oy' spelling quiz helps KS1 children learn that this sound is often at the end of a word. These tasks will test their knowledge on the ‘oy’ spellings mentioned in the National Curriculum.

The ‘oy’ sound will mostly be at the end of the word. A common exception to this is if you are adding ‘ed’ or ‘s/es’ to show tense. Other than that, this sound is usually seen at the end of words. Can you spell the missing ‘oy’ words?

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  1. The _____ Family live in Buckingham Palace.
    The word royal means kingly or queenly.
  2. ____ there sailor!
    This is how sailors used to greet each other; it's another way to say hello.
  3. Tell me if she ____ you.
    The word annoy means to make you angry or irritate you.
  4. This man is dressed as a ____.
    A bellboy works in a hotel and carries your luggage to your room.
  5. It was such a ____ to ____ that Lego wall!
    Every year, over 20 billion Lego bricks or parts are made!
  6. The ____ is dressed as a ____.
    Cowboys live on ranches and look after cattle. They still exist in places like Texas and some areas of Canada.
  7. I hope you ____ the ____.
    Oysters are what we call an acquired taste. This means people normally don't like them the first time, but slowly get used to them.
  8. "That ____ was a real ____ to ____," said the ____.
    This was a tough one, with lots of missing words. It should say: "That toy was a real joy to destroy," said the boy.
  9. ____ beans are very good for you.
    Many vegetarians eat soya beans to help give them nutrients that they miss from not eating meat.
  10. The ____ wanted to play with the ____.
    Lego is a popular toy for boys and girls. There are people who are employed to make really large Lego displays.

Author: Finola Waller

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