Year 1 - The Sound ph

This 'Sound ph' spelling quiz helps KS1 children learn that this digraph makes an ‘ff’ sound. Furthermore, in long words with the ‘f’ sound, it is often represented by the ‘ph’ digraph.

The ‘ph’ sound is often used in long words that have an ‘f’ sound in them. This means short words like ‘fat’, ‘fit’ and ‘fast’ all begin with ‘f’ because they are short words. This quiz will ask you to spell words where the ‘f’ sound is spelt with ‘ph’. See how well you do!

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  1. Oliver Twist was an ____.
    Oliver Twist was an orphan, which means he didn't have any parents - this is how he ended up in a workhouse and stuck with the evil Fagin.
  2. When we learn to read, we use something called ____ to help us.
    Phonics is where you break words into sounds to help you spell and write. You are probably using phonics right now.
  3. Do you like my new mobile ____?
    They are called mobile phones because they can be moved around (mobile).
  4. Show me in a ____ how many people like the colour blue.
    A graph is a pictorial chart or diagram that shows the results of surveys.
  5. In school we study ____.
    This is a hard word to spell but you might have seen it on the displays at school. Geography lessons tell us about the world and planet we live on.
  6. ABC is the start of the ____.
    The alphabet is made up of five vowels and twenty one consonants.
  7. This is a picture of a ____.
    Dolphins are very clever animals that communicate with each other through clicking and whistling.
  8. He is ____ the police.
    If you need help from the police, the phone number is 999.
  9. This large mammal is an ____.
    An elephant's skin is an inch thick! I bet they don't bruise easily!
  10. Please will you take a ____?
    Before cameras were invented, people used to sit still for hours whilst someone painted them.

Author: Finola Waller

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