Year 1 - The Sound tr

This 'Sound tr' spelling quiz is an addition to the spellings suggested in the National Curriculum. Often, children think this sound is ‘ch’ or ‘sh’.

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The ‘tr’ sound is made by combining the ‘t’ and ‘r’ letters. This sound can be used at the beginning of words or in the middle. It always follows a vowel or a ‘y’. See how many you know.

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  1. To make a hand puppet like this, you'll need a ____ of material and a sock.
    The most famous puppets are The Muppets.
  2. She isn't very good at playing the ____.
    Trumpets are made of brass and are often played in an orchestra with other instruments.
  3. This ____ is hundreds of years old.
    When we say the 'tr' sound, you have to make sure your tongue is pressing the back of your teeth or it can sound like 'ch'.
  4. He ____ on the ____ ____.
    This was a tricky one! It should say, 'He tripped on the train tracks'. Really 'he' shouldn't be anywhere near train tracks as they are very dangerous!
  5. He drives a red ____.
    Remember, if there is a 'ck' sound at the end of the word following a short vowel sound, it will end with 'ck'.
  6. The girl is holding a circle and a ____.
    Make sure you write 'angle' and not 'angel' as angels are like fairies!
  7. We have been waiting ages for this ____.
    One of the most famous trains is a fictional one called Thomas the Tank Engine - have you heard of him?
  8. This is the ____ of a tree.
    A trunk could also be something that an elephant has.
  9. These three girls were born at the same time by the same mum and so they are called ____.
    If a word has 'tri' in it, it sometimes means three, such as triplet and triangle. Can you think of more?
  10. He is driving a ____.
    The 'tr' sound is also very similar to the one made with these letters: 'tw'.

Author: Finola Waller

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