Year 1 - The Sound ur

This 'Sound ur' spelling quiz teaches KS1 children words with that sound. The letters ‘ur’ make the same sound as that made from ‘er’ and ‘ir’. The words in this quiz have been taken from and added to those in the National Curriculum.

The sound ‘ur’ can be placed anywhere within a word. Words can begin with this sound and it can be in the middle or end of a word. Can you spell the missing ‘ur’ words?

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  1. It's your ____.
    'Er' and 'ir' both make the same sound as 'ur'.
  2. This ____ loves to ____.
    Surfing is very popular in Hawaii, Cornwall and California.
  3. Oil the pan or the chicken will ____.
    There are lots of different types of oil like vegetable, sunflower, rapeseed and coconut.
  4. This ____ works in Smith's Hospital.
    In the background of this picture we can see a newborn baby, which means this lady might actually be a midwife (someone that specialises in babies).
  5. He ____ his nose when he fell over.
    If you break your nose and get it fixed, it's called rhinoplasty.
  6. If you stroke her ____, she'll ____.
    Cats that can purr can't roar; and cats that can roar can't purr!
  7. Keep the pin away from the balloon or it'll ____.
    Rubber balloons were invented by an Englishman called Michael Faraday.
  8. These people are inside a ____.
    Many churches have colourful windows - these are called stained glass windows.
  9. The day before Friday is ____.
    Every day of the week should begin with a capital letter.
  10. Her hair is not straight; it is ____.
    Some people have naturally curly hair but if you don't, you can plait it or use curling tongs.

Author: Finola Waller

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