Year 1 - The Sound ure

This 'Sound ure' spelling quiz helps KS1 children to learn to spell this sound. The words add to the spellings recommended in the National Curriculum. To help you, use the words ‘fracture’ and 'pure' as a starting point to make the correct sound.

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The sound ‘ure’ can sometimes be said like ‘yar' or 'your’. Sometimes the magic ‘e’ makes it sound like ‘u/you’ but it is also a sound in its own right. All these spellings will make the ‘yar/your’ sound. See how many you know.

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  1. Can you ____ how tall I am?
    We can measure height in centimetres or inches.
  2. There is the past, present and ____.
    The future is yet to come and the past is done - the present is a gift!
  3. She is not very ____.
    This was a hard one! You probably hear this word quite often as it's good to be told you're acting maturely. This means you are acting better or wiser than your age. Being told you're immature is the opposite.
  4. He collected the horse ____.
    Many gardeners add horse manure to their soil as it has great nutrients for plants, vegetables and flowers.
  5. The bank keeps your money ____.
    Secure means safe and fixed in place.
  6. This medicine will ____ your toothache.
    If you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you will prevent toothache and fillings!
  7. He ____ his arm at work.
    Injuries can happen anywhere like work, school or home.
  8. This x-ray shows a ____.
    Fracture means something has broken. A window or a bone can be fractured.
  9. Every time she went on holiday, she took a ____.
    The first camera was invented over two hundred years ago.
  10. Once you've prepared the ____, you can pour it into the cupcake cases.
    A mixture is a mix of things. A mixture could be anything that you mix together!

Author: Finola Waller

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