Year 1 - The Sound v

This 'Sound v' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings that end with the ‘v’ sound, which is always followed by an ‘e’. These words have been taken from and added to those suggested in the National Curriculum.

The ‘v’ sound can start a word, like ‘van’. When there is a ‘v’ sound at the end of the word, the letter ‘e’ will follow. Therefore, any time you hear a word end in ‘v’ it will actually end with ‘ve’. Can you spell these missing words?

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  1. If this slug eats my vegetables, he won't be ____ for very long!
    Some slugs can live for up to six years. If you grow plants, slugs are your enemy as they eat all your hard work!
  2. Will you look ____ the wardrobe for my jumper please?
    I wonder if she found her jumper.
  3. How long do tortoises ____ for?
    If the word has an 'f' it is 'life' as in, a tortoise has a long life - these two words are often confused.
  4. I ____ you!
    Everyone likes being told they're loved - have you told your parents or someone close you love them recently?
  5. I ____ you ____ biscuits!
    In the present tense, the word is 'give' but in the past tense it becomes 'gave'.
  6. You can ____ in this ____.
    Caves take years to form! They are also great places for bats to live.
  7. Will you ____ some money to charity?
    Some people give money to charity, others raise money. If you raise money, this means you are doing something like a marathon and want people to sponsor you.
  8. These are my driving ____.
    In the Middle Ages, gloves were only worn by the rich.
  9. Do you ____ any sugar please?
    Often there are more than 6 tablespoons of sugar in fizzy drinks - that's a lot of sugar!
  10. This bird is called a ____.
    These birds symbolise love, peace and harmony. That's why you sometimes see their image on wedding invitations.

Author: Finola Waller

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