Year 1 - The Sound wh

This 'Sound wh' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings that begin with this sound. The movement for this is to have your hand to your mouth and then blow it away, like you’ve just blown away a wish.

Sometimes the ‘w’ sound has a silent ‘h’ with it – ‘wh’. This digraph will usually start a word. Improve your spelling by playing this quiz.

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  1. Can you ____ that secret to me please?
    A Wispa is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury.
  2. ____ did dinosaurs exist?
    When is a question word, this means that at the end of a sentence there will be a question mark.
  3. ____ do crocodiles eat?
    They eat almost any living animal they can get their jaws into including boars, deer, snakes and cattle. They will even eat humans given the chance!
  4. ____ you were gone, I tried your pizza.
    The first pizza ever documented was in 997 AD.
  5. This car has four ____.
    There used to be a car with only three wheels called a Reliant Robin.
  6. ____ the cream whilst I ____ the eggs.
    Do you like baking cakes or just eating them?
  7. ____ ocean is the largest?
    The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean, which covers more than one third of the Earth's surface.
  8. ____ is the Eiffel Tower?
    It's in Paris, France.
  9. ____ do tides form?
    Tides are created by the pull from the moon and sun. Gravitational forces pull the sea making the waves.
  10. This is a blue ____.
    The blue whale is the largest creature to live on earth. Their hearts weigh the same as most cars!

Author: Finola Waller

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