Year 1 - Words ending with est

This 'Words ending with est' spelling quiz tests children on this extra syllable and suffix. It may be worth visiting the KS1 English quiz ‘Are you Faster or the Fastest’ so that the child learns when to use ‘er’ or ‘est’ as this quiz will only test them on ‘est’ spellings suggested in the National Curriculum.

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Hopefully you know when to add an ‘er’ or ‘est’ suffix to a word. If not, have a look at the KS1 English quiz ‘Are you Faster or the Fastest’. This quiz will ask you to spell the missing ‘est’ words.

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  1. This is the ____ book in the world.
    The word oldest is the same as eldest but if you use the word eldest, it is normally said before a noun.
  2. The peregrine falcon is the ____ bird in the air.
    Whenever there is a 'q' there is always a 'u' next to it!
  3. He picked the ____ shirt for the party.
    There are lots of words where 'est' can be added - can you think of more?
  4. He is the ____ bus driver in Wales.
    There are no words that start with 'ck' or 'kc'. Some words can end with 'ck'.
  5. Diamonds are the ____ stones in the world.
    Diamonds are often used in expensive jewellery.
  6. This is the ____ toothpaste around!
    We are adding an extra syllable onto the word 'fresh' to change or alter the meaning slightly.
  7. This is the ____ hotel in England.
    Grand can mean big in size but also wonderful or marvellous.
  8. The cheetah is the ____ animal on earth.
    Often these words end with a double consonant. In the word 'fast', 'st' are the last letters and they are both consonants.
  9. The Dead Sea is the ____ point on Earth.
    The Dead Sea is also called the Salt Sea because it's very salty.
  10. This is the ____ sky in the world!
    A clear sky means no clouds.

Author: Finola Waller

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