Year 2 - Changing the ending to ing

This 'Changing the ending to ing' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on how to spell words when adding this suffix. All the words have been taken from and added to the recommended spellings for Year 2 in the National Curriculum.

Hopefully you’ve completed the KS1 English quiz ‘Tense - Adding 'ing' and 'ed'’ and know when to add ‘ing’. These spellings are all on words that end with ‘ing’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. Are you ____ round for dinner?
    Because the word 'come' ends in an 'e' we have to delete it then add 'ing'.
  2. Will you do some ____, ____ and ____?
    If you do all these sports in one go, it's called a triathlon.
  3. Will you stop ____ what I say?
    Sometimes, all you need to do is just add 'ing' onto the end of the word.
  4. She was ____ the horse on the nose.
    Another word for a horse's nose is muzzle.
  5. I was ____ to see if you wanted to play.
    You can either 'call someone' by phone or 'call on someone' by knocking on their door!
  6. He keeps ____ away from me.
    Often, if the word has a short vowel sound, like the word run - then you double the end letter and then add 'ing'.
  7. She put some delicious ____ on the cake.
    The word icing is a noun and a verb. Icing is the food you put on cakes but it is also something you do - you 'ice' a cake.
  8. He kept ____ his bat with a mallet.
    Hitting the bat with a mallet is called knocking it in - this is where you compress the wood so that it doesn't break.
  9. We are going ____.
    Sometimes, if a word ends with an 'e' you need to delete the 'e' and replace it with 'ing'.
  10. You should stop ____ rubbish on the floor.
    Another term for this is littering.

Author: Finola Waller

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