Year 2 - Contractions Part 2

This 'Contractions Part 2' spelling quiz asks KS1 children to spell contractions and names with the possessive apostrophe. All these spellings have been taken from and added to those in the National Curriculum.

Hopefully, you’ve completed ‘Contractions Part 1’ and are ready for some more. This time you’ll be contracting words and also showing the possessive apostrophe! See if you can get top marks in this spelling quiz.

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  1. ____ ____ birthday!
    The name of the girl is Megan and it's her birthday. Her name will never be Megans. This means if you add an 's' onto the end of her name - there will always be an apostrophe before it.
  2. He ____ like Brussels sprouts.
    The word does is quite hard to spell but try and remember it as it's a high frequency word.
  3. The ____ hair was blonde.
    There is only one girl and she owns her hair, that's why there is an apostrophe. If there were more than one, we would write: The girls' hair was blonde. The apostrophe after the 's' means more than one.
  4. ____ the ____ finest suit.
    The man owns his suit and we have combined that and is together.
  5. ____ the ____ favourite toy shop.
    We are joining there and is together and showing that the child owns the decision to have a favourite shop.
  6. The ____ coat was blue.
    The boy owns his coat and that's why there's an apostrophe.
  7. If he doesn't hurry up, ____ be late.
    When people speak, they often talk with the words shortened like this. If you write speech, try to use contractions as it'll sound more natural.
  8. The ____ fur ____ be that long.
    We aren't combining two words for 'dog's' instead we are showing that the dog owns his fur.
  9. Tomorrow ____ ____ birthday!
    His name is not Ravis - it's Ravi. The birthday is his and belongs to him - that's why there is an apostrophe.
  10. Oops, I've eaten them all, so ____ have to order some more.
    We are combining the words you and will.

Author: Finola Waller

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