Year 2 - Ending with el

This 'Ending with el' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that end with this digraph. Children can learn these spellings through rote or by knowing the fact that ‘el’ is less common than ‘le’ but is mostly seen when following these letters: m, n, r, s, v and w.

Most of the time a word ends with ‘le’ however some words end with ‘el’. This quiz will test you on spellings with the ‘el’ sound at the end of the word. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. This is a picture of a ____.
    The last part of this word sounds the same as 'al' but is spelt 'el' instead.
  2. Watch out, that ____ will spit at you!
    Camels are known to spit and foam at the mouth!
  3. What does the ____ say on that dress?
    A label can tell you the size, price, materials and designer.
  4. She is as beautiful as an ____.
    Don't confuse angels with angles!
  5. Can we leave our luggage in the ____?
    Often, if you book a hotel room, you can't turn up before 3pm on the first day.
  6. What is that ____?
    It's a ruby.
  7. Is this table ____?
    Level means even or straight. To test if something is level, you can use a spirit level.
  8. Turn your lights on when driving through the ____.
    Tunnels go underground - some even go under the sea.
  9. Go shopping and please buy me one ____ and some ____ for the tree.
    We use tinsel to decorate our trees and houses at Christmas but we use towels all year round!
  10. He made a clay ____ yesterday.
    Once you've made something out of clay, you need to put it into the oven to set.

Author: Finola Waller

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