Year 2 - Ending with ild and ind

This 'Ending with ild and ind' spelling quiz will test KS1 children on words with these endings. It is an extension to the spellings suggested in the National Curriculum.

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When the ‘i’ sound goes before ‘nd’ or ‘ld’ it usually makes an ‘igh’ sound. Can you spell these missing ‘ind’ and ‘ild’ words?

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  1. The dog was hiding ____ the tree.
    The opposite of 'behind' is 'in front of'.
  2. This monkey lives in the ____.
    This means it lives in its natural habitat.
  3. Do you ____ if I turn it over?
    All the answers are words, but only one fits our sentence.
  4. Will you ____ me to ____ the coffee?
    Coffee beans need to be ground to make powder or granules.
  5. Please ____ a ____ of milk.
    We buy milk in pints; a pint is how we measure liquid.
  6. After school he goes to a ____.
    Even though this word doesn't end in 'ild' or 'ind' - it does have them both in it!
  7. Even though the ____ is blowing, it's very ____ outside.
    If someone says it's mild outside, that means it's quite warm.
  8. Did that ____ ____ her toy?
    There is a word 'fined' but it means you've been charged for something.
  9. Please be ____ and help the ____ man across the road.
    Often, if someone is blind they have a guide dog to help them.
  10. Lemon cake is even tastier if you add the ____.
    The rind is the outer skin.

Author: Finola Waller

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