Year 2 - Ending with ost and oll

This 'Ending with ost and oll' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on the spellings with words that end with these two sounds. These spellings are an addition to the curriculum and will be words that are used in Year 2 vocabulary.

Sometimes words end with ‘ost’ or ‘oll’. If you sound out ‘ost’, it’ll be ‘oh-st’ but actually this trigraph is pronounced ‘oe-st’. Sounding out ‘oll’ would be ‘o-ll’ but actually it is pronounced as ‘ole’. Can you find the missing words with these sounds in?

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  1. I'm ____ ready for that ham ____.
    There is a word 'role' but it means a part in a play.
  2. He ____ fell off his bike! Oops, no - he did fall off!
    Here you have two tricky sounds - al, which is pronounced like 'au' and the 'ost' sound.
  3. I've eaten ____ of the sweets but there are a few left.
    What is your favourite sweet?
  4. Would you like to join me on a ____?
    A stroll is a leisurely walk. In America, a stroller is the word they use for a pushchair.
  5. Can you ____ my letter?
    All these words say 'post' when sounded out but only one is spelt correctly.
  6. They read from the ____.
    This scroll is called the Torah and is the Jewish Bible.
  7. A ____ lives under the bridge.
    There used to be dolls that were trolls and they had different coloured hair. Now they are collectables.
  8. Up in the haunted house lived a friendly ____.
    Ghosts make good scary characters in books and films!
  9. He was a great ____ and she was a brilliant ____.
    Host is what we call men and hostess is the word for women.
  10. How much does the ____ ____?
    A toll road is a road where you charged for driving on it.

Author: Finola Waller

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