Year 2 - Ending with y

This 'Ending with y' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that end with this sound using this letter. Children should know that if a word ends with the ‘y/igh’ sound it will almost always be represented by a ‘y’.

If a word ends with the y/igh sound it is almost always spelt with ‘y’. Naturally there are exceptions to this rule but this quiz will test you on spelling words that end in ‘y’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. Listen to me! Do not ____ me!
    If you defy somebody then you do the opposite of what they want you to do.
  2. I will ____ to ____ in the sky.
    Well we can fly in the sky by using aeroplanes.
  3. Please don't make me speak, I'm very ____.
    If you're shy, going red is often an awkward side-effect.
  4. The month after June is ____.
    The 'y' sound is the same as the alphabet name given for 'i'.
  5. ____ do you ____ eggs?
    You can fry, scramble, poach and boil eggs.
  6. I will ____ on ____ neighbour.
    The word 'my' is a high frequency word, which means it's a word that will be used a lot.
  7. Please ____ to my email.
    Nowadays people don't send letters, they send emails that are like letters but sent through the internet.
  8. He is as ____ as a fox!
    This is a popular saying (and a simile) and if somebody says this about you, they are saying you are sneaky.
  9. ____ and ____ your shirt on the line.
    A tumble drier uses electricity to dry your clothes, so it's better for the environment if you dry your clothes on the washing line.
  10. I always ____ when we have to ____ somewhere.
    A fear of flying is called aviophobia.

Author: Finola Waller

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