Year 2 - Letters ei

This 'Letters ei' spelling quiz will test KS1 children on this sound. It is an addition to the spellings learnt in the National Curriculum. This sound is pronounced ‘aye’ like in the number ‘eight.’

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If you ever see 'ei' together, it’s pronounced as ‘aye’. These spellings are a little tricky, so try and sound out the letters or look for the word that looks familiar. See how many of these you know. Good luck!

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  1. Santa took the ____.
    The 'ei' makes an 'aye' sound, so this word is said like this: r+ei+n+s.
  2. Would you like ____ apples or bananas?
    Although spelt with 'ei' you don't pronounce 'either' like 'aye-th er'; here the 'ei' makes an 'ee' sound.
  3. May your king ____ for evermore!
    These two letters (ei) are often followed by the letter 'g' and sometimes 'gh'.
  4. Hello, I'm your new ____.
    Your neighbour is the person next to you.
  5. Santa got on his ____.
    A sleigh is what Santa drives and what the reindeers pull!
  6. The number after seventeen is ____?
    If you can spell 'eight' you can spell eighteen, eighty and eightieth!
  7. We call this a ____ train.
    Freight means cargo or things/goods that need transporting.
  8. All your ____ lead to your heart.
    Veins carry blood to the heart.
  9. How much do you ____?
    You can say you weigh an amount and your weight is.... by just adding the 't'.
  10. What ____ are you?
    The height sign in the picture is for vans and if their van is too tall, they need to turn around and take a different route.

Author: Finola Waller

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