Year 2 - Soft g

This 'Soft g' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings where the ‘g’ sound is not ‘ger’ but ‘jer’. These spellings are an addition to those in the National Curriculum but are words Year 2 children should know how to spell and will use in their speech and writing.

The letter ‘g’ can make two sounds: a hard g like in the word ‘grass’ or a soft g like in the word ‘gem’. This quiz is going to test you on spellings with the soft g sound. See how well you do.

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  1. ____ sleep whilst standing!
    Their tongues are also around 45cm long!
  2. For some reason, this ____ wore ____.
    This would be strange as angels tend to wear white robes.
  3. I have a wide ____ of ____.
    Some sponges, like the ones in the picture, have been taken from the sea (called sea sponges).
  4. I thought her ____ looked ____.
    A fringe is the hair that goes over your forehead. If clothing has a fringe, this means there are tassels hanging down.
  5. He was promoted to ____.
    General is a name of an officer but you could also ask for someone's general health, which means all-round.
  6. When Jack climbed the beanstalk and entered the castle, he saw a ____.
    The word 'Jack' and 'giant' make the same j/g sound.
  7. The ____ elephant was ____ than I'd expected.
    Elephant trunks can be up to two metres long.
  8. What ____ were you when you learnt ____?
    If you perform magic tricks then you are called a magician.
  9. Quick! Come this way, you are in ____!
    At the end of the sentence I used an exclamation mark (!); this helps add drama to the writing.
  10. Sloths are very ____ creatures.
    Sloths are gentle but they have very long claws, which makes it hard for them to walk on the ground - that's why they prefer to swing and climb trees.

Author: Finola Waller

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