Year 2 - Spelling Months and Days

This 'Spelling Months and Days' quiz is an addition to the spellings suggested in the National Curriculum. However, in school, it is expected that KS1 children should be able to correctly copy the months and by the end of Year 2 should be able to spell all the days of the week.

There are twelve months in a year and seven days in a week. Each month and day should be written with a capital letter. This quiz is going to test you on all the days and some months. See if you can get full marks!

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  1. Tomorrow is ____ and we are in the month of ____.
    Remembrance Day happens on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at 11AM.
  2. A bank holiday nearly always happens on a ____; except for Christmas which happens in the month of ____.
    Christmas and New Year holidays can happen on any day but all our other bank holidays happen on a Monday (except for Good Friday).
  3. ____ and ____ are known as the weekend.
    The other days of the week are called week days.
  4. The week days are: ____, ____, ____, ____ and ____.
    Wednesday is quite difficult to spell because it sounds as though there are only two syllables but if you sound it out, it sounds like it should have three.
  5. Today is ____ and we are in the month of ____.
    When we date something, we always write the number of the day, month and year. You might not need to write the day of the week.
  6. Pancake ____ can happen in the month of ____.
    It's actually called Shrove Tuesday!
  7. The fifth day of the week is ____ and the fifth month of the year is ____.
    There is normally a bank holiday at the beginning and end of May.
  8. Lent begins on Ash ____ and can happen in the month of ____.
    Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday can happen in either February or March - the dates vary. Lots of people give up chocolate for Lent.
  9. I will start a diet on the first ____ in ____.
    Monday is the first day of the week and January is the first month of the year.
  10. The first and last months of the year are: ____ and ____.
    Even though one is the first month of the year and one is the last, they are next to each other!

Author: Finola Waller

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