Year 2 - Spelling Review 1

This 'Review 1' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on a mixture of spellings taken from the National Curriculum. These spellings are not in sound groups and so will be the best way to see if a child has remembered these words.

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Do you think you know all the spellings? Well, it’s time to test you! All these words have been covered in our Spelling Quizzes but are not in sound groups. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. Your ____ won't get lost in this train ____.
    The end of station sounds like 'shun' but is spelt 'tion'.
  2. Dolphins are the ____ creatures in the world!
    If you are changing the root word, like happy, and it ends in a 'y' - we replace the 'y' for an 'i'.
  3. I ____ pass that sign if I were you!
    Here we are joining the words would and not together but erasing the 'o'.
  4. I ____ seen one of these animals before.
    The apostrophe replaces the missing 'o'.
  5. For this you will need coloured ____ and a piece of paper.
    This spelling pattern looked at the 'il' sound when it made an 'al' sound instead.
  6. This little man is a garden ____.
    This word has a silent 'g'.
  7. They hung my painting in a ____.
    You can see plenty of modern art at the Tate Modern in London and admission is free.
  8. Breaking his arm was a very ____ experience.
    By adding the suffix 'ful' we are saying that he was full of pain!
  9. This is the ____ cat in the whole world!
    We need to add 'd' then 'est' onto the word 'sad'.
  10. The bird was ____ as it flew around the flower.
    It happens to be a hummingbird. The word 'hum' has a short vowel sound, so we need to double the last letter then add 'ing'.

Author: Finola Waller

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