Year 2 - Suffix ment

This 'Suffix ment' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that can have these letters added to them. The words have been taken from and added to those suggested in the National Curriculum. This spelling task can also work as a way to extend their vocabulary.

Some words can have the suffix ‘ment’ added to the end of them. When ‘ment’ is added to a word it cements it by turning a verb into a noun. This means an action word changes into a noun. See how many of these spellings you get right.

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  1. I hope you get ____ from playing tennis.
    Enjoy is a verb that could be put before tennis, so do you enjoy tennis? If you change it to enjoyment you are turning it into a noun - a thing in its own right.
  2. I would like an ____ of sweets please.
    An assortment means a mixture.
  3. What ____ is she doing?
    She is stretching, which is important to do before any exercise as it stops muscle aches and injuries.
  4. The comedian caused much ____.
    The root word is 'amuse' and we simply add 'ment' to it.
  5. Her ____ was coming to an end.
    If you can sound out the word employ, then all you need to do is add 'ment' to the end of the word.
  6. He was looking forward to his ____.
    The root word is 'retire' and we then add 'ment' to it.
  7. To go mountain climbing you need lots of ____.
    Make sure you don't get your p and q mixed up!
  8. They had to sit an ____.
    You probably have heard this word and done many assessments.
  9. Have you made the ____ to the bank?
    All you need to do is add 'ment' onto the end of the word 'pay'.
  10. Have you got a doctor's ____?
    This is a tricky word but is one you've probably heard plenty of times or even used.

Author: Finola Waller

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