Year 2 - The Silent Spelling Review

The Silent Spelling Review will quiz KS1 children on a mixture of spellings that have silent/unspoken letters. All words have been taken from the sound lessons suggested in the National Curriculum.

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If you’ve completed all our quizzes then you’ll know that often, words have letters in them that you don’t hear - they are silent. This quiz is going to test you on spellings that have silent letters in them. Do your best.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the ____.
    The letters 'igh' make up one sound - you definitely don't sound out the 'g'.
  2. He ____ down to watch the worms ____.
    Both first letters of each word are silent.
  3. He used his ____ hand to ____.
    There are three words that sound the same here: right (as in position), write (with a pen) and white (the colour).
  4. In ____ ____ will you be finished?
    The word 'hour' is pronounced without the 'h' sound.
  5. She ____ how to ____ trees and then swing from them.
    The word climb has a silent 'b' at the end of it - there are a few words like this that you'll need to remember.
  6. Do you ____ a good ____?
    If you forget to put a 'k' in front of 'now' the 'ow' sound completely changes.
  7. ____ is ____?
    Christmas must always be written with a capital letter.
  8. I would like to ____ the ____ because I find them scary.
    In dodge, you don't sound out the second 'd' and in ghost you don't hear the 'h'.
  9. Will you ____ the ____ and tell her what to put in her cauldron next.
    Even witches need to learn how to spell!
  10. This is a picture of one ____ but I wanted to see ____ of them.
    Lamb ends with a silent 'b' and in the word 'two' you don't pronounce the 'w'.

Author: Finola Waller

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