Year 2 - The Sound gn

This 'The Sound gn' spelling quiz initially tests KS1 children on spellings that start with this phoneme. They are taught not to sound out the ‘g’ just like with the sound ‘kn’. The spellings have been taken from and added to those in the National Curriculum. The second half of this quiz will inform them that these two letters together don't always create this phoneme and will test them on words that have 'gn' where it is not a sound.

There is a sound made by 'gn'. Hundreds of years ago people used to pronounce the ‘g’ in this phoneme: ‘gn’. Nowadays, the ‘g’ is silent and not said. There are also words where these two letters are together and it doesn't make a sound - you'll need to try and spot the difference! Do your best.

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  1. Can you ____ this candle?
    For this word the 'g' is sounded out.
  2. This is my ____ for the new library.
    We call these blueprints.
  3. The two ____ were standing in the garden.
    Gnomes are little figures that live in gardens and almost always wear pointy red or blue hats.
  4. Will you ____ your autograph?
    If you sign something, you put your name on it.
  5. She is ____ him.
    Here you need to spell the word 'ignore' then get rid of the 'e' and add 'ing'.
  6. They are both ____ their teeth together.
    Dennis the Menace's dog is called Gnasher because of his large teeth.
  7. This is a very large ____.
    Magnets attract metals so glass, plastic, wood etc. won't be pulled up by this large magnet.
  8. The dog ____ at the bone.
    Gnaw means bite or nibble like a dog.
  9. The tree had ____ with age.
    This is probably a new word for you - it means something has gone rough or bumpy with age.
  10. A ____ is a small winged insect.
    If a word has an 'n' sound in this quiz, it'll begin with a silent 'g'.

Author: Finola Waller

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