Year 2 - The Sound kn

This 'The Sound kn' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings that start with this phoneme. All the spellings in this quiz have been taken from the National Curriculum.

Hundreds of years ago people used to pronounce the ‘k’ in this phoneme: ‘kn’. Nowadays, the ‘k’ is silent and not said. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. I'll ____ on the door and tell them about the ____ in your hair.
    A knot can be something you tie with string or an unwanted mess in your hair.
  2. I ____ you had a ____ of butter somewhere.
    Knob means a rounded ball - you can have a knob of butter or a knob to open a drawer.
  3. Please ____ on your ____ and pray.
    The Bible states that people should kneel when praying to God.
  4. The pirate had ____ where the treasure was hidden all along!
    If the word involves knowing something, or being aware or clever in one way or another - it is always spelt with a 'kn' and not like this: 'no'.
  5. I need you to ____ this dough for ten minutes.
    Kneading the dough makes it light and fluffy and is very important when making bread.
  6. Do you ____ how to ____?
    The first knitting needles were made from bone, ivory or tortoise shells!
  7. I've grazed my ____.
    Your knuckles are the bones that stick out slightly when you clench your fist.
  8. Some people call a rucksack a ____.
    A knapsack is a less common word to describe a rucksack or bag that goes on your back.
  9. He was a very brave ____.
    If you can spell this word, then you can also spell the word 'night', which sounds the same.
  10. Do you have any ____ on fancy hats?
    This is a tricky word and is an extension to the word 'know'.

Author: Finola Waller

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