Year 2 - The Sound o like a (mother)

This 'The Sound o' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings where this sound changes to ‘uh’ instead of ‘oh’. All the words will make the ‘uh’ sound and as guidance, use the word ‘mother’ as a starting point. All the spellings have been recommended in the National Curriculum.

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The letter ‘o’ sometimes makes an ‘oe’ or ‘oh’ sound but it can also make an ‘uh’ sound. This quiz is going to ask you to spell the missing words that have the letter ‘o’ but where the pronunciation is ‘uh’. See how well you do.

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  1. ____ and get one ____ from me.
    Gloves come in pairs but in this sentence the person is asking for one glove, not one pair of gloves.
  2. Look ____ the bookshelf.
    The word above is a positional word - it tells you a location.
  3. The first day of the week is ____.
    We say Monday as if there is a letter 'u' instead of 'o' but that is not the case. The 'o' sound can also make an 'u' sound and that's what this quiz is all about!
  4. My ____ loved her flowers and the ____ things I bought her.
    Make sure you don't get confused between 'other' and 'over'.
  5. Go to the shops and get me a ____ eggs.
    The word dozen means twelve, so we are asking for twelve eggs.
  6. She is kissing her little ____.
    We could also say she is kissing her sibling.
  7. Winnie the Pooh loves ____.
    If you are talking about the food, then it's honey but if you are calling someone hunny - we spell it differently.
  8. I would ____ ____ spaghetti bolognese.
    Pasta is full of carbohydrates which give you lots of energy.
  9. She has lots of ____!
    Nowadays you don't necessarily need to carry cash or money on you, instead you can use a bank card.
  10. We have ____ ____ all day!
    The word nothing has 'no' and 'thing' but the pronunciation of 'no' changes to 'nuh'.

Author: Finola Waller

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