Year 2 - The Sound or after w

This 'The Sound or after w' spelling quiz identifies the pattern when these letters are combined. It tests KS1 children on this sound. The words in this spelling quiz have been taken from and added to those in the National Curriculum.

The letters ‘or’ mostly make the sound that’s in the word ‘born’. However, when the letters ‘or’ follow a ‘w’ it changes how it is said and makes an ‘er’ sound. This quiz will test you on spellings where the ‘or’ follows a ‘w’. Can you spell the missing words?

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  1. He helped him with his ____.
    Most schools give homework every week - this will happen all the way until you leave school!
  2. Is he a ____ knight?
    Worthy means you deserve something or have good qualities.
  3. How much is this painting ____?
    Some paintings are worth millions of pounds!
  4. He held three ____ in his hands.
    You might have clicked on 'worm' but there is more than one and so you need to add an 's' to show this.
  5. She was the ____ witch!
    There is a series of books called The Worst Witch and they are written by Jill Murphy - have you read any of them?
  6. This is a carpenter's ____.
    The elves also work in a workshop when they make the toys for Christmas!
  7. They ____ God every Sunday.
    This is normally done in a church.
  8. The internet is used ____.
    That's why it's called the world-wide-web: www.
  9. This is what our ____ looks like.
    We call it our world, our planet or Earth.
  10. You need to spell the missing ____.
    That's what this quiz is all about - finding the missing word!

Author: Finola Waller

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