Year 2 - The Sound wr

This 'The Sound wr' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on spellings that have the silent ‘w’ sound. Most words that start with the silent ‘w’ are joined by the letter ‘r’ making it the ‘wr’ sound. When in the middle of a word the ‘w’ is on its own but still silent.

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If you see ‘wr’ together - you don’t pronounce the ‘w’; you ignore it and just say ‘r’. Sometimes words have ‘w’ in the middle of them and the ‘w’ is ignored too. Poor ‘w’; it gets ignored a lot! Can you spell the missing ‘wr’ and silent ‘w’ words?

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  1. This is the ____ in the stone.
    King Arthur is famous for being the only person able to pull the sword from the stone.
  2. Sorry that was the ____ _____.
    Wrong has a silent 'w' and so does the word 'answer'.
  3. Sometimes, when they ____ they wear masks like these.
    Wrestlers sometimes wear different masks and outfits when fighting.
  4. I will ____ down what you ____ yesterday.
    When you say these words, you ignore the 'w' and just pronounce the 'r'.
  5. She enjoyed ____ Christmas presents.
    The paper used is also called wrapping paper.
  6. ____ the towel dry and then ____ it around your head.
    If you wring something, you twist it until it is dry.
  7. Have you ____ in your diary?
    A diary can be a review of what you've done that day or a calendar to remind you of important dates.
  8. He ____ his car by ____ it around a tree!
    If we say it was wrapped around the tree, we are using a metaphor or imagery to explain how the tree remained still and the car dented around it.
  9. The ____ flew off the tree and landed on my ____.
    The bird we have most of, or is the most common, is the wren.
  10. These worms like to ____.
    Worms live nearly everywhere in the world!

Author: Finola Waller

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