Year 2 - Tricky words 1

This 'Tricky Words 1' spelling quiz tests KS1 children on words that are frequently used in their vocabulary or writing but are exceptions to the rules or can’t be sounded out.

This quiz is going to test you on spellings that you can’t necessarily sound out. How many of the following spellings do you know? Let's find out!

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  1. How ____ is ____ tortoise?
    Tortoises can live for around a hundred years!
  2. The ____ popular sport in our school is ____.
    It is also the most-watched sport in the world.
  3. He is fixing the lock on the ____.
    This word has the 'or' sound but it is spelt 'oor'.
  4. ____ twins are ____.
    You can have twins that consist of one boy and one girl but these are called non-identical.
  5. Can you help me ____ my keys?
    People lose their keys so often that there is a special tag which can be attached to them. This is designed to make a noise if you lose them!
  6. He is cleaning the ____.
    This word is like 'door' as it has the same sound and sound pattern but both words are considered irregular as they don't follow the normal or/oar spellings.
  7. I ____ ____ strawberries covered in chocolate.
    When watching Wimbledon, tennis, people often eat strawberries and cream.
  8. Will you ____ this mountain with her?
    This word has a silent 'b' at the end of it, just like the word 'lamb'.
  9. I love this elephant ____ it reminds me how to spell a word.
    The elephant should remind you of this saying which helps you remember how to spell 'because' - it goes: Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants. The first letter of each word spells 'because'.
  10. The ____ couldn't wait for the school trip.
    Children is the plural of child.

Author: Finola Waller

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