Year 2 - Tricky words 2

This 'Tricky Words 2' spelling quiz continues to test KS1 children on words that are used in their vocabulary or writing but are exceptions to the rules or can’t be sounded out.

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This quiz is going to test you on spellings that you can’t sound out. These are all words that you know but maybe find a little tricky to spell. See how many spellings you know.

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  1. You need to trim the ____.
    Grass is everywhere. Nowadays you can buy artificial grass which is fake grass that you need to hoover instead of mow!
  2. ____ you pass the baton?
    Could, would and should all have the same sound pattern.
  3. Would you like a ____ apple or half of one?
    They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  4. Thank you for my flowers, they are very ____.
    Flowers are a great gift because they look pretty and they smell lovely!
  5. They went on holiday with their ____.
    This is tricky because there are the words 'pear' and 'pair' but neither spelling pattern is used for this word.
  6. All her ____ were pink!
    Cloth is a material but clothes are something we wear.
  7. ____ in this picture is special.
    In fact, everybody on the planet is special!
  8. ____ Jones counted the ____ in the jar once a month.
    If a woman is called Mrs it means they are married.
  9. They both caught a ____.
    You can feel cold and you can catch a cold!
  10. If you read this book you will ____ your test score.
    If you read books before a test, this is called studying and if you do it the day before a test, we call this cramming.

Author: Finola Waller

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